Japanese Cuisine

What is Bento?


In fact, the bento means a take-out-meal. So we call bento even if it is a sandwitch box. Of course you don't expect a sandwitch when you order the Japanese bento here in Europe. Characteristic thing in the Japanese bento is a mixture of various small portion of the ingredients. Many stores or canteen fille fried food, so that it keeps long time and can make full.


The king of the bento is Makunouchi-Bento. Rice, picles, fried/grilled/boiled vegetables/meats/fishes are mixed. It it better to avoid the sashimi (rau fish) on the summer, if you don't eat right away. For your information: In Japan, very often Makunouchi-Bento has three kinds of quality class. 1) Matsu (Pinetree) - Very special, 2) Take (Bamboo) - Upper middle, 3) Ume (Plum) - Normal

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