Japanese Cuisine


Temaki-Zushi 手巻き寿司

Te - Hand It should belong to the quite new generation of sushi as well as the california rolls. You prepare the sushi-rice and ingredients and put on the table. Guests or family can fix free with their favourite ingredients. You don't need any skill. Why don't you serve on your next family party?

Inari-Zushi 稲荷寿司

Deep fried tofu filled with sushi-rice. Kids love it, but men eat never at the sushi-restaurant.

Oshi-Zushi 押し寿司

oshi/osu - press/pressed Pressed (oshi/osu) Sushi. Using a special wooden box which can be taken apart into three parts, put the sushi-rice and topping into the box and press. As far as I know it was born and popular in western regions of Japan, like Osaka and Kyoto. The well known oshizushi is battera with soused herrings.

Chirashi-Zushi ちらし寿司

Chirashi - Scattered The advantage of the "chirashi-zushi" is that you can put only your favourite ingredients as topping and can fix for many people in a short time. Somehow it is loved from many women.

Hoso-Maki 細巻き

Hosoi - slim/thin The one you eat at the sushi-restaurant is usually this slim type. The most popular hoso-maki are, tekka-maki (rau tuna) and kappa-maki (cucumber).

Futo-Maki 太巻き

Futoi - thick For many Japanese childhood, this big (futoi) maki-zushi was essential for the picnic, school sports festival or family excursion.

Chu-Maki 中巻き寿司

Chu - middle When you fix maki-zushi yourself, you can use the nori with standard size, i.g. a whole sheet of nori for futo-maki, a half size for chu-maki, and a quarter size for hoso-maki. The ingredients to rolle for chu-maki and hoso-maki are same.

Nigiri-Zushi にぎり寿司

nigiri/nigiru - grasp/clasp The most popular type of sushi. Usually small portion of sweet vinegared rice topped on the seafood or rooled with nori (seaweed). Another name is Edo-Mae, as it was born in Edo (former name of tokyo).

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