Japanese Cuisine

Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes - 肉料理


Yaki/Yaku - Grill
Tori - Chicken

In the past yakitori was to see only on the street stall near the stations or factory area where workers and drinkers gather round. With red laterns it was easy to find. It was not quite clean, but cheap and good. Every part of the chicken and giblets are prepared on the charcoal.


Kara - Japanese way of reading for the Chinese dinasty "toh" 唐
Age - Deep fried

Many dishes ware brought from China over the thousand years. Deep fried chicken is a delicacy forever. I hope you find some differences from Kentuckey fried chicken.

Suki-Yaki すき焼き

Suki - like, favourite Yaki - grill, bake Nowaday sukiyaki is one of the reprentative Japanese meal, but it has only about a hundred years tradition as meals are not eaten for a long time among the Buddhist. Beef is still quite expensive in Japan, so that many family cook sukiyaki to treat their guest.

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