Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Dishes

Many Asian want to have a warm meal three times a day.

Typical Japanese every day dish is quite simple. Rice, Miso-Soup and some small side dishes. So, cook, usually mothers think about side dishes for every evening, different side dish every day. However an advantage nowadays is that you can buy precooked food at any grocery. In general, on the table of rich family there are several side dishes and at the family not so rich there are enough rice, soup and pickles but only one side dish.

Chinese cooking is masculine, Japanese looks rather femnine.

There are traditional full-course Japanese cuisine and very simple Zen meal, but neither of them are every day home cooking. Only small amount of Japanese have these full-course menu regularly. Yet there is one thing in common. Japanese prefer having small various dishes and enjoying each different taste. Appetizer or main meal usually does not play any roll. However for many drinker, rice and soup are served at the end. Because they should eat something to fill their stomach ... after having enjoyed alkohol and tapas.

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