The Ramen and Ramens

Most of the countries have their own cuisines of Soup and Noodles.
But if you prefer "Rah-Men" what is the difference from Your Noodle and Soup?


rahmen 2Would you like to know how Japanese think about European New Ramen Age?

Ramens in London, UK
Ramens in Paris, France
Ramens in Bruxelles, Belgium
Ramens in Berlin, Germany
Ramens in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Ramens in Düsseldorf, Germany
Ramens in Barcelona, Spain

Make Your Sushi at Home

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Why don't you make sushi yourself and save money?

How often do you eat sushi? Why do you like sushi?
Rice is the most important part of sushi for many Japanese.
If it is same to you it is worth to challenge at your home.
You only have to learn how to prepare sushi-rice.
As ingredients you can use almost anything along your favourite.

Small investiment. You need a rice cooker!

There is no rice called sushi-rice! It just have to be Japanese rice. It does not have to be the expensive rice imported from Japan. Japanese rice from California or Spain has quite good quality.

There are lots of established variations, but the most important thing is your phantasy.

Taste of Japan

First Generation of Japanese restaurants, the pionniers of Japanese cuisines in Europe are gone. Now it seems like that young Japanese chefs took the heart of many European. We hope you will find the right Japanese restaurant according to your taste.

Japanese Restaurants in Europe 2016

  • White Rice - EN

    White Rice

    If you can enjoy pure white rice, you are on the way being Japaneselike gourmet. In fact the brown rice is much healthy.

  • Is it an omelette? - EN

    Is it an omelette?

    Once upon a time eggs were so precious. Nowadays not so, but it's worth to try the Japanese egg dishes.

  • Europe conquered by RAMEN - EN

    Europe conquered by RAMEN

    Untill just about 20 years ago, many good mannered European kept a distance from Asians eating noodle Men soup noisily. And now?

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