Basic Japanese Cooking Styles

All of the apprentices of Japanese cooking must have master basic skills to prepare the following cooking.

One of the most importan skill is handling a hocho (kichen knife).

Dashi - Soup stock made from see tangle and dried bonito-fillet shavings
Yaki-Mono - Grill foods with skewer, on a wire net and over an open fire
Ni-Mono - Simmered dishes seasoned with salt, soy sauce, rice wine, rice vinegar and sugar
Age-Mono - Deep fried foods
Mushi-Mono - Steamed foods. Healthy cooking with natural flavour and no oil.
Ae-Mono - Fish or vegetables with vinegared dressing
Neri-Mono - Foods mashed into a paste, known as surimi
And, last but not the least, boiling rice